Apartment sharing in Erbil

Apartment Sharing

Apartment Sharing

Looking for a Apartment sharing, a flatmate or a flatshare, housemates or roommates? Have a Room to rent in Erbil?

Erbil is short on one and two bedroom Apartments and flats, drop us an email if you have a spare room you want to rent out or if you are looking for a room to rent.

Probably, the main benefit of sharing an apartment is a financial one.  Having a roommate to share in the rent and other expenses allows you to perhaps have that larger living space that was otherwise out of your price range, or maybe you can move into that apartment in a great location which had a higher rental rate. In this case, a roommate could be a blessing, especially if you both love the apartment and the neighborhood. a roommate also can help share in house hold duties like cleaning, dishes, and laundry. Sharing the work makes life easier, especially if you work full-time or have a job in which you travel a bit. If you are away, the plants will still get watered and the cat fed by your roommate, and of course you will do the same for him or her.  Once you work out personal and financial responsibilities, have a roommate can be quite nice. There will be always someone there to talk to, share the day with, and give support to. Loneliness will be at a minimum.


Inevitably personalities clash. Often you’ll meet someone and have so much in common, feel like you’ve found a best friend or a sister or brother of sorts, only to realize months down the line that this person is not what they seemed. This is always the risk with finding a roommate, especially one you’ve never met before, and is one of the biggest disadvantages of sharing an apartment. If you find that you simply cannot get along over time, it maybe difficult to get out of the rental situation, especially if a lease has been signed. If you’ve overstepped with your money due to having a roommate share the expenses, this could be a big problem. If they split, you could be stuck with full responsibility. It would be advantageous to have both of you sign a rental agreement that holds both of you accountable for rent and other expenses should this happen.

Lack of privacy is often another complaint with roommates sharing an apartment. If you are a people person and don’t like to be alone, a roommate is a perfect idea, but there are still times when one needs a little space and their own privacy. Often you may want to do something when you get home from a long day at work, and find your roommate entertaining a few friends or watching TV. Setting boundaries, and schedules for guests is paramount to a good roommate relationship.

If there is a big demand we will add a section to our website wherein users can advertise what they have available and  people looking to rent can place an advert looking for sharing accommodation.

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